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JOWAN Bike Fitting

Let's fit your bike to your body

We think it is very important that you are well positioned on your bike. After all, your cycling pleasure is mainly determined by the correct posture on the bicycle. To achieve this we have three options.
Read all the details below.

1. JOWAN Bike Sizing:
the right frame size for your new bike

We use the measuring device, which has been a big name in the cycling world for decades.

  • A computer program determines the ideal frame size on base of some body measurements that we take from you.
  • You don't have to cycle.
  • We can place the correct order, based on the print-out.

When purchasing a new (sports) bicycle, this measurement worth € 60, including the use of the software program, is for free.

2. JOWAN Dynamic Bike Fitting:
a natural posture on your bike

Here we go a step further, by using our GURU Bikefitting machine.

  • The geometry of your bicycle is simulated on the GURU bike using the computer-controlled system. So you cycle on a copy of your (future) bicycle.
  • With simple mouse clicks we place your saddle or handlebars slightly higher or closer. You also immediately feel the difference of those changes and you can immediately indicate if an inconvenience occurs. Together with your feedback, we obtain a natural position on your bicycle.
  • Attention is also paid to the choice of saddle.
  • It can be used for a new bicycle as well as for your current bicycle.

This session lasts 30 to 45 minutes and has a value of € 100. It is an absolute added value since your position is determined while cycling. Book by phone and bring your bib shorts and cycling shoes. Modifications with spare parts are made afterwards and are not included in this price.

3. JOWAN Full Dynamic Bike Fitting
your bike tailored to your body

Those who have complaints, want to prevent injuries or simply want to cycle more comfortably and efficiently choose a professional FULL DYNAMIC BIKE FITTING. Your bike will be adapted to your body to the millimeter. See how we work in this video:

  • We distinguish ourselves to others through our GURU computer-controlled bike. The American GURU currently offers the most advanced bicycle positioning system on the market. (And we were the first bicycle shop in the Benelux to have it.) While you are cycling, your position is adjusted by us computer-controlled. So you immediately feel the effect when we slide the saddle or handlebar a few centimeters (or even millimeters).
  • We also constantly adjust your seat angle. You can feel which angle pedals easiest.
  • We have been professionally trained for 4 days by specialist and experienced fitters from London. In addition, we use the Body Geometry Fit method as a starting point. This makes an analysis of your body and your position on our custom bike is adjusted step by step. Adjustment of the cleats, the setback, the width of the saddle, the stem length, handlebar width etc. are discussed. The stability of your feet, ankles and knees is taken into account, but also a leg length difference, back posture, neck complaints etc. are taken into account to achieve a perfect natural posture for your body. With this method, we are never going to 'force' a position to obtain an aesthetically 'better' result.
  • Afterwards you will receive a clear report with a recommendation for which new bicycle is the easiest to configure according to your needs.
  • This can be done with the purchase of a new bicycle or for an adjustment of your current vehicle.
  • Those who are struggling with saddle pain and who, despite a changed saddle width and repositioning on the bicycle, cannot get rid of it can also contact us for a saddle pressure measurement. For this we rely on the German GebioMized system. On the basis of the measured pressure points, even a saddle can be made completely to your size. The use of this system costs € 70. If it is combined with our Dynamic Bike Fitting you only add 25 euros.

A Full Dynamic Bike fitting quickly takes 2h00 to 2h30min and costs € 225. Book by phone and bring your bib shorts and cycling shoes. Modifications with spare parts are made afterwards and are not included in this price.

The sessions are done by the thoroughly experienced Johan Wannijn or by son Joeri Wannijn who has a Master of Physical Education diploma. In case of specific complaints, we can appeal to daughter and ex-profesional rider Ine Wannijn who also has the necessary Fit training courses and currently runs an osteopathy practice.
If you want to have a JOWAN Bike Fitting performed, please contact us by phone for an appointment.

Book by phone at 055 / 38.84.07

With the results obtained, it is ultimately crucial to transfer the correct sizes to your bicycle. For this we have various tools in our workshop.

Atlas Mountain Race

Joeri returned from a spectacular trip in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Atlas Mountain Race is an ultra race, or rather, a ‘solo unsupported bikepacking event’. 1148km had to be covered in as little time as possible. More than 80% of the route were on rough off-road roads. You sleep when and where you want.
Joeri finished 8th (!) In Agadir after 4 days and 13 hours. Apart from a few flat tires, his custom DeAnima steel gravel bike did a perfect job.

#amr2020 #atlasmountainrace

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