De Ronde van Vlaanderen fietsroute (Blauw)

The blue loop of the Tour of Flanders cycling route passes in front of JOWAN bikes.

Eddy Merckxroute

Eddy Merckx won his last cycle race in our hometown Ruien (Kluisbergen). This route was partly created by JOWAN in the 90s and is still the most popular theme route of the Province of East Flanders. You never leave the village borders of Kluisbergen.

JOWAN's MTB-route

Biking in and around the hillsides of Kluisbos, Muziekbos and Koppenbergbos.

JOWAN's Vlaamse Ardennenroute

Cycle through the different landscapes of the Flemish Ardennes.

Tour of Flanders Finale 2014 - Start @ JOWAN bicycle shop

The complete redesigned finale of the Tour of Flanders 2014 in GPS format with start at our bicycle shop and finish in Oudenaarde.

Cycling route from Jowan to Oudenaarde 35.5km

Simple route with flat landscape from Jowan to the capital of the Flemish Ardennes


Beelden van onze Winter Ride nav ons Winter Days december 2019
foto’s door K. Valencia y Ramos

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